Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Importance of Play for children

The Importance of Play for children

For parents to give or provide children time to play for them for a while because they were young. Although this is a very important reason in giving play time for children but for other children who also need attention.

As children grow, they learn all kinds of new skills both physical and social development and play gives your child the opportunity to practice new skills away from the influence of correction from parents or other adults. Think about it for a minute, you teach your child how to be polite and use appropriate equipment when eating. Then in a few days, your child will have a tea party, teddy bears to teach them to say please and thank you, and how to drink from a cup. Through imaginative play your child to practice new skills they have learned. So, time to play for the kids to actually provide them with a safe and non-judgmental and a place to practice new skills that they learn.

However, it is not the only kind of learning that children benefit when you offer to play for the kids. Through creative play they learn socialization skills, communication skills and how to solve the problem. Give your child toys like a garbage truck, and he will learn through trial and error and problem solving how to build a mountain or castle. He can even learn how to get a bulldozer up a mountain to build the road. As for your child this toy only fun he also learned how to do many things even without realizing that he was studying and even educators agree that children learn best when learning is fun.

If your child play with other children, his tractor trailer truck and then he also learned to cooperate with others and work in small groups to solve problems. Through this type of creative play children learn how to talk with imaginary foremen, workers, and others. He is learning a bit about the world through play.

play time for children offers them the opportunity to learn to be creative, to solve problems, and train all kinds of social skills, they also enhance their skills of rough and smooth, and learn hand-eye coordination. Provides amble playing for kids allowing them to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally while doing something they love fun and interesting for them.

Today your child is likely to build roads in the sandbox, rearranging the furniture in their doll house, or enjoy a cup of milk in your home kitchen, however, the skills they learn through play activities to help them become tomorrow, bridge builders, interior decorators, or even the next generation of problem solvers.

So while giving play time for children to enable them to enjoy their childhood today, but also provide them with the tools they need to be successful adults in the future. So give a chance to play in children will help to grow flowers and courage to do as they wish and responsible

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