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Stress Management and Its Importance

Stress Management and Its Importance

Stress and its repercussion
Stress management is a vital move that you must make once you have recognized that you have been incarcerated by a stressful situation, irrespective of the cause. Although it is argued that there are kinds of stress that facilitate a situation where you find an added gush of energy which can be used for something more industrious and positive; it is, in fact, harmful to your physical health. Continued stress can explicitly harm your health and it has been proven to worsen your physical condition faster than any disease.

What's more, stress greatly reduces your aptitude, performance and endurance, whether it is at home, at the educational front or at workplace. Thus, stress is something that must not be simply written off. Since it will, in the long run, not only affect you but the surrounding and the people involved in your personal, professional and social life.

Recognizing Your Stress Level
The most essential first step towards stress management is not to ascertain the source but, in fact, to determine the intensity of your stress. It is often recommended for stressed people to maintain a log, a diary of sorts, recording, and in the process, monitoring the stress levels and their effects. This is a useful way to thoroughly examine your stress levels, its cause, and finally to be able to find the ideal ways to relieve you off it.

Commencing with Stress Management
The knowledge of what causes the stress and their effects leads you, naturally, to the activities and methods of stress management. This helps you take charge of your life with regained confidence, instead of being preoccupied and distracted by stress and problems. The following will explain how to get going with the stress management program:
• Locating the cause of stress.
• Conjuring up ways to reduce the stress.
• Devising your own personalized stress management plan and working on it.

Approach to Stress Management
One very important thing to note here is that, it is unwise to think that following a stress-management plan will help you rid all your stress. As a matter of fact, it is a gradual process in which your primary objective should be to lower your stress levels progressively until in due course you clear it out completely.
Some ideas to come up with your very own stress management plan:
• Time management is crucial. Most of the stress is caused by our inability to find time for all the work that we think we can finish within an allotted span of time. The trick here is to create a plan, a schedule of all the work you have in mind in order of priority.
• Determine your own reaction to stress. If done honestly, this can help you find better coping mechanisms. If the present methods are ineffective, it is time for you to look elsewhere.
• Take care of your health. People often, wrongly, believe that since stress is thought-induced and it has nothing to do with the physical condition. Getting enough rest and eating right is as important as using other methods of stress management
• Change your point of view. Often, stress is created by the way you see certain situations. If this is the case with you, then it is time for you to take a new approach and trying to see things from a different perspective. Tony Dosanjh

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